Montefagorum Productions wants to put contemporary Flemish choral works more in the spotlight and be at the same time a platform for all choirs that want to make a valuable recording. A team of professionals (recording, design, editing, translations) selects very carefully and consciously every program and turns it into a Flemish product of a high standard.

Recording Hans Van Daele
Layout Stefaan Vermeulen
Translations Isabelle Van Mullem, Helen Cassano, Marleen van Os
Publishers Euprint (B), Schott Mainz (D)

You can order a CD by sending your payment of 15.00 Euro (incl. shipping costs) to IBAN BE79 7512 0364 1133 / BIC AXABBE22 of Montefagorum, indicating "catalogue number". By ordering three CD's, you will become the third CD with discount (10.00 Euro incl. shipping costs).